Magic found in FileGenie

Magic found in FileGenie
Cloud-based preflight program FileGenie solves PDF issues before they become costly

FileGenie, an online tool for preflighting, has been launched, after years of development between AM-PM Communications (AM-PM) and Spawnit.

According to research done by the companies, an industry average of 70 per cent of files require some form of fix, resulting in costly and time consuming touch points during the preflighting process. 

Spawnit says FileGenie is designed to quickly transfer, check and fix multiple PDF files at once, so you are not limited to just one wish. Customers can upload as many files as they like and FileGenie will magically fix them all.

Ryan Naughton, brand manager, FileGenie says, “We identified a gap in the market for this product. Testing it, everyone has thrown the most difficult files they could think of at it and it has passed with flying colours.

"Print suppliers, which have been in business for 25 years, say that it is a simple product which cannot be oversold. We offer a seven day trial so that customers can see it and understand it for themselves.

“FileGenie covers all bases, including processing the fixes. The suite of fixes we offer covers more than other products on the market. All the feedback has been positive,” says Naughton.

He says printers simply drag and drop files onto FileGenie to check and fix PDF issues during file transfer. With fully customisable profiles, fixes include: adding trim marks and bleed; converting fonts to outlines; converting all spot colours to CMYK; converting RGB to CMYK; fixing incorrect separations; fixing four-colour black small text, flattening transparency and checking ink coverage.

FileGenie creates a detailed report describing the errors and fixes applied to make your PDF print ready.

Naughton says ”In the rare case we cannot fix the error on the fly (i.e. low resolution images), you can use our report to guide you while you fix the issue and resupply the file.

“By preflighting during the file transfer process we ensure printers receive a print ready file first time, every time, while providing print customers and printers with a free file transfer solution.

“The FileGenie portal can be branded with your company’s colours and logo and integrated into your existing site.”

Source: Australian Printer

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