Ezibinder closes after 60 years

Ezibinder closes after 60 years
Stationary manufacturer closes down following bad debts as owners reach retirement age

Long established Victorian stationary manufacturer Ezibinder has shut up shop after 60 years of operations.

Michael Dennis, the managing director says there are a couple of reasons why himself and co-owner Bill Graham are closing down.

“Graham and I are beyond retirement age now. We have two companies that went broke on us last year, it took us for $12,000. Also, the continuous chasing of money meant we were constantly paying off money,” he says.

Dennis says, “When we took over the business there was 17 people working but at the end, there were just four of us.”

Ezibinder was manufacturing a wide range of plastic products for conferences and conventions, satchels in various styles and combinations of pockets for sales aids, price lists and instructional manuals.

Products Ezibinder sold included binders, compendiums and easels, fittings, holders, slipcases, desk mats, custom made storage boxes and spiral binders for diaries, books and notebooks.

The company has auctioned off its kit, but got very little for it, most going to scrap metal dealers.

Dennis has plans for retirement which include involving himself with model railways and motor racing, as he is a senior steward and motor racer.

Source: Australian Printer

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