Heidelberg launches new B2 Speedmaster

Heidelberg launches new B2 Speedmaster
Latest machine from press giant based on XL 75 but comes in compact size without all the bells and whistles

Heidelberg is launching a new B2 sheetfed press, the Speedmaster CX 75 - which has been dubbed XL75 lite – and is designed for small to medium sized print shops needing a press for multiple applications but without all the bells and whistles of the higher specified XL75.

The Speedmaster CX 75 has the platform of the Speedmaster XL 75 and the components of the Speedmaster SX 74,. Heidelberg says the compact press will be attractive interest to those print shops in industrialised countries that operate one or two shifts and are looking for an attractive price-performance ratio. Switching from the last sheet in one run to the first good sheet in the next can be done in under five minutes.

The Speedmaster CX 75 can process substrates ranging from lightweight paper through to rigid cardboard thanks to its double-diameter impression cylinders. It comes as a four-to-six-colour straight press with coating unit, it has a top production speed of 15,000 sheets an hour.

There is a choice of format, the standard 750x500mm, and an extended 605x750mm, Heidelberg calls this the F format which has been an option for the XL75. It is designed for printers who want to produce labels and carton printing, the extra print area can accommodate extra labels or carton blanks over a more conventional 530x750mm C format XL75.

It has a width of just 2.81metres and 2.05metres height. It is the narrowest B2 press that Heidelberg has produced. Heidelberg says a five-unit press with coating unit will be 11.6 metres long.

The pre-settings from the prepress stage for pre-set functions from the feeder to the delivery can be integrated via the Prinect digital print shop workflow, ensuring high productivity.

 eidelberg says the ergonomic concept together with generous space between the printing units permits optimal access and therefore quick and easy operation and maintenance.

The CX 75 four-colour press with innovative DryStar LED technology from Heidelberg will be officially presented at China Print in Beijing, May 9-13.

Source: Australian Printer

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