PacPrint Friday Forums revealed

PacPrint Friday Forums revealed
Session tackles how to win competitive tenders, score grants, and funding options

Winning tenders will be the focus of Celia Jordaan, host of the PacPrint forum at 1:30 on Friday May 26, with the session immediately following focusing on government initiatives and programmes designed to help printers.

Jordaan is the principal procurement advisor for Ichiban Commercial Solutions, and has 21 years of international and corporate experience in procurement, tenders, supply chains, contract management, law and risk, according to the event organisers.

Jordaan says, “The session will look at why businesses might choose to tender for work, how to assess and prepare your business for the tendering process, what is involved in putting together a successful tender, and how to get the most out of the process, win or lose.

“Tendering is big business, and an excellent way to establish solid, reliable revenue streams that can fund your business development and diversification, but many businesses are daunted by the prospect. Some people do not know where to find tender opportunities, or think the process is too difficult or time-consuming. Others assume you have to meet exceptionally high external standards to even be considered.

“In fact, a lot of my clients are surprised to find just how low the barriers to participation are for many tenders, and how straightforward the process can be once you know how to approach it. That is what I will be sharing in this PacPrint forum session.”

Following the session is a presentation from John Macdonald, assistant state manager, Victoria for AusIndustry Business Services, which falls in the government Department of Industry, Innovation & Science. His presentation outlines relevant government initiatives and programmes to PacPrint visitors.

Established businesses, he says, may benefit from the Entrepreneurs Program which facilitates access to services like professional business evaluations, and specialist support to overcome barriers to growth and supply chain facilitation.

“Under this program, eligible businesses can access co-funded business growth grants of up to $20,000 to help them access external expertise to implement recommended improvements,” Macdonald explains. “This program also has an ‘Accelerating Commercialisation’ component, under which established or start-up businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers who own the IP for new products and services can access funding and co-funded grants of up to $1m to bring those to market.”

The PacPrint Forum Series is free of charge to all registered PacPrint and Visual Impact visitors, but bookings are essential. To register for the sessions which interest you, go to

Source: Australian Printer

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