Suppliers reach out to youth

Suppliers reach out to youth
Association teams up with education body to put print knowledge in classrooms

Print industry supplier’s association Visual Connections is teaming up with Re-Engineering Australia (REA), to provide print expertise in classrooms, and connect students with their local print businesses.

John Wall, president, Visual Connections says, "This alliance with REA will bring awareness amongst young people as to the varied and interesting careers available within the wider printing and sign industries, and give a face to an industry that many do not understand could be a viable career choice. It will hopefully lead to an increase in apprenticeships and skilled resource to our members and to the wider industry.

"By educating our youth, it should breathe new life into an industry that is the largest manufacturing industry in Australia and offers many opportunities to those working within it.

"The skills needed in our industry are wide and varied - from technical, hands-on applications like press operator, sign maker, colour expert, to business skills such as sales and marketing, finance, operations management, marketing and PR.

“There is also graphic design, prepress skills, management of people, small business ownership and large corporate experience."

"We certainly cover a wide gamut of job positions and training in our industry gives skills that can be widely applied to other industries."

Print has suffered in the perception of young people who can view it as an old heavy industry compared with the newer IT based industries, however the reality is that there are a multitude of options for young people in print. With print shops nationwide keen for new, enthusiastic workers, the program can potentially provide the missing link between school and industry.

Re-Engineering Australia delivers hands-on, real-world Stem courses to students across the country, including designing the graphics of an F1 car, designing a 4x4, and even a submarine design.

Students are judged on how well they brand their teams, design their pit displays, present their technical portfolios and decorate their F1 cars, off road vehicles and submarines.

REA says this has led to many students showing an interest in careers based on visual communication, with schools asking REA for more assistance and visual industry connections.

Dr Michael Myers OAM, chairman, REA, says, “As we continually seek to influence the career motivations of students there is a natural fit with Visual Connections and their member companies.

“The next step for us is to inform schools about the new alliance and encourage them to connect with their local print, graphics and signage businesses. We will be asking schools to let us know their mentoring requirements and we will work with Visual Connection to link people in these industries with schools and students.”

Wall says, “REA has proven that it can speak the language of young people and bring awareness through immersion and activities to different industries. We are attracted by the breadth and depth of the REA programs and their obvious passion for helping young people into meaningful careers."


Source: Australian Printer

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