Ace installs BCS digital box maker

Ace installs BCS digital box maker
Company shifts to short run, custom sized, flexo printed, JIT boxes

Victoria-based Ace Packaging Containers is moving into the on demand short-run box custom box market, after installing a BCS Autobox, with inline flexo printer.

Run by Nick and Philip Langdon, the duo say they have seen a change in the market, as customers request specific size boxes in runs of 10-500, expecting them in a short time frame. They say that finding a box manufacturer who could meet the criteria was difficult.

“After some research we found BCS, a UK company that only make short run custom box makers and associated equipment, and supplied in Australia by veteran industry identity Neil Southerington.

“The system we installed has an auto feeder into two box forming units that delivers slotted creased and cut box without a traditional forme, and a print unit. The setup process is tool-free, via a touch screen, with a setup time job to job of sixty seconds. The touch screen is networked and jobs can be input from the sales office computer.”

Two slitting machines, a straight-line gluer and strapping machines are also used to manufacture the boxes.

Nick Langdon says, “Our core business of stock boxes complements the new JIT / On Demand customised box business perfectly, we can still give our clients large quantities but also fulfil requirements for custom size boxes in small lots.”

The company says that the growth of digital print has seen the need for small quantities of custom size boxes, which it now offers.

“Anyone sending product by post or courier air freight is well aware that the right size box is required, filler is just not an option due to the cost.

Ace Packaging Containers is a family business that has been operating in Melbourne since the 1950s. Started by Dave Langdon in Richmond, it first sold wooden tea chests around the world, before moving into cartons and boxes for packaging.

Neil Southerington, manager Asia-Pacific, BCS says, “The Autobox is a fully automatic box maker. The machine Ace has installed has a flexographic printing unit. It is also offered with digital inkjet, or both.

“The size ranges from a very small box, say 100x100mm, to boxes big enough to take a fridge, around 2.6m by 5m.

“The market is radically changing because of digitalisation. Traditionally our customers were traditional box makers, and producers of corrugated board. With the advent of e-business, and POS display, it has driven a new generation of buyers for us, who don’t require 5,000 boxes, but might need 500 boxes in 200 different sizes, and 20 different styles in a day, e.g. a kitchen cabinet maker.

“It has went from supplying big guys for short run work, to include end-users. The end-user might say ‘I want a box a certain size, and only want 200’ they would get laughed at. That is the niche that Ace wants to tap into.

“BCS has had six-fold growth in five years, because world-wide the end user is saying I don’t want 10,000 boxes, stored on my shelf, taking up floor space. I want whatever I order per week, delivered on time. Now end-users want print as well, and are not prepared to take 10,000 when they need 250. The worldwide move is to shorter runs, in the size they want, with quick delivery. Freight costs, shelf space costs are high so this saves money.”

Source: Australian Printer

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