Fujifilm inks secure VOC certification

Fujifilm inks secure VOC certification
Uvijet range of inks meet strict environmental criteria for Greenguard accreditation

Fourteen inks in Fujifilm’s wide-format Uvijet UV range are receiving the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Greenguard certification.

The company says the criteria to obtain the accreditation are among the most stringent VOC emissions standards in the world, and create healthier indoor environments.

Mike Battersby, marketing manager, Fujifilm Global Graphic Systems says, “There is increasing demand for healthier products and working environments across many industries, and regulations are changing as a result.

“We take great pride in seeing fourteen of our Uvijet inks recognised by UL for their low emissions – vital credentials for those who work with them.“

Warren Hinder, business manager, Fujifilm Graphic Systems Australia says, “The accreditation by Greenguard of these Uvijet inks is fantastic news for our Acuity and Inca customers.

“Brands are increasingly looking for providers of POP and signage that has the lowest possible environmental impact, now they can say their inks are UL Greenguard certified.”

Fujifilm Uvijet UV inks accredited by Greenguard to date are: Uvijet KA, KI, KN, KO, KV, LF, LL, OB, OL, OW, OZ, US, WH and Uvijet WI.

Fujifilm says UL Greenguard Certified products are well established and scientifically proven to meet rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards.


Source: Australian Printer

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