Studio Labels installs Nilpeter

Studio Labels installs Nilpeter
Flexo press gives foiling and embossing capabilities for award-winning company

South Australia’s Studio Labels is investing in a Nilpeter FA-4 flexo press, as it aims to make shorter runs more efficient and profitable, and compete with digital.

The two-time award winning wine label specialist adds inline flatbed foiling and embossing with the FP-4 and QC-Die value-adding units on the FA-4 press, and says it allows for a more defined quality, without compromising speed.

Miguel Alemao, managing director, Studio Labels explains, “When it comes to tooling, rotary systems are usually quite expensive. For flatbeds, it is lower. That allows for smaller runs, without being too expensive.

“This is the first stage of our investment programme, and five year plan. We want to have the latest technology in the next five years, looking at efficiencies, and offering services which other companies can not.

“Stage one is the have the latest, most efficient systems.”

Studio Labels operates under the Cork Supply Group, which provides packaging across all elements of the wine industry. The company has twice won at the World Label Awards for its work on flexo presses, first in 2011, then 2015. The company was created in 2007.

The company does not currently have digital or offset printing capabilities. Alemao says this might change in the future.

“We might be entering the digital space too. We are doing research and studies. We are not clear yet as to whether digital and offline finishing may work for us.”

Source: Australian Printer

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