Screen wins InterTech award

Screen wins InterTech award
Sheetfed inkjet press 520HD awarded by American print association

Screen’s upgraded Truepress Jet520HD – currently on display at Print 17 in Chicago - wins the 2017 InterTech award for innovation excellence from The Printing Industry of America.

Peter Scott, managing director, Screen Australia, says “What initially sets the Truepress Jet520HD apart is its printhead technology. The press is able to place 2-picoliter droplets — the world’s smallest level — exactly where the dots are required on paper as it moves through a high-speed transfer system. Combined with the maximum resolution of 1,200 dpi, the Truepress Jet520HD clearly images detail smaller than 0.10 of a point. The result is a sharp, eye-catching finish with no ink spread or jaggies.

The printer uses new SC inks that allow printing on coated and uncoated offset stocks without priming. It comes with Screen’s Equios universal workflow platform.

Scott says, “Now with the release of SC inks, digital printers have breakthrough absorption technology eliminating any pre-processing or additional primer coatings that are typically required to print to standard offset coated papers.

“Printing directly to the paper saves time and cost and preserves the paper surface texture to open up a range of new possibilities and new markets for inkjet printing including commercial print, catalogues, magazines and high-end books.

“The term ‘offset quality’ is perhaps overused, but this is the closest to it I have seen. The Printing Industry of America thinks so too as the 520HD with SC inks has just been awarded its 2017 Intertech award for innovation excellence.”

It is not the only newly improved press to be seen on Screen’s stand, as visitors will also get to check out the L350UV+LM, featuring low migration inks for food labels and packaging. Its nitrogen purge mechanism accelerates UV curing to prevent deep ink penetration of substrates, and now runs at up to 60 metres per minute.

Although still being refined for commercial release, Screen says Print17 visitors will be treated to technology demonstrations of the Truepress Jet 520HD reel-fed press printing with up to six colours for an unrivalled gamut, and with new SC inks that adhere to standard offset stocks with outstanding definition.

Source: Australian Printer

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