Fashion illustrator moves print in-house

Fashion illustrator moves print in-house
Megan Hess partnering with Canon to gain control of creative process

International fashion illustrator Megan Hess moves her print work in-house, showcasing the results in a free exhibition which took place in Sydney.

Hess says she is using Canon’s wide-format printers to bring her fashion-forward illustrations to life. She says, “The benefit of printing in house is that I can keep a close eye over the detail, which is a fundamental aspect of my design process. Partnering with Canon gives me the peace of mind that the exact colours, the line work, and detail is reproduced precisely as I envisioned it.

“In our automated and digital society anything that’s hand drawn, handmade, handcrafted or hand printed becomes really valuable. I am excited to be part of the printing process using Canon because I know my work is valued when it becomes a piece of tangible art, or is something I can share with someone,” Hess explains.

Creatives bringing work inhouse thanks to advances in technology may represent a challenge for commercial printers who were previously working with them.

Canon says, “In the inherently digital age we live in, the power of print is stronger than ever. By using Canon’s range in-house, creatives are able to showcase their work in the best possible quality – opening the door to a bigger variety of commercial printing possibilities and revenue streams.”

“Investing in Canon’s range of large-format printers, including the ImagePrograf Pro-1000 and ImagePrograf Pro-2000, is allowing Hess can produce high-quality prints under the same roof as they are created, speeding up the design process and giving her more control of the creative product.”

Hess is a household name in the fashion world, working regularly with Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton.

Source: Australian Printer

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