Personalised print a hit for Christmas

Personalised print a hit for Christmas
Major retailers offering personalised printed presents to draw in shoppers

With consumers looking for last-minute presents, retailers are looking to personalised print as a way to draw in foot traffic, improve margins and value add.

Myer Australia is offering to print personalised boxes of Tim-Tams at its retail locations, while Kmart Australia is marketing an in-store personalised labelling experience for Christmas shoppers in more than 200 stores around the country, using desktop printers powered by HP technology to personalise jars of Vegemite and Nutella.

The Name Your Jar promotion is now offered by Kmart exclusively for in-store purchases, in a move to attract shoppers to stores amid a rise in online shopping.

The chain is planning to expand personalised promotions to additional brands and holidays.

Jason Beckley, business development manager, Indigo, HP South Pacific says, “As brands continue to look for ways to connect with their audiences, we are seeing a growing trend of mass personalised packaging, including desktop label printing campaigns in stores.

“HP is powering the trend with flexible and affordable in-store printing solutions that make it possible to offer an individual, memorable experience for its customers.”

The Kmart campaign is another example of the growing trend of personalised print on packaging. The groundbreaking Share a Coke campaign was also launched in Australia.

As print runs get shorter and digital technology takes up a larger share of total revenue in print, taking advantage of variable data to produce personalised products is becoming increasingly important.

Source: Australian Printer

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