Océ launches in Australia

Océ launches in Australia
Company to handle all production print, display graphics for Canon group

Océ Oceania is now up and running, taking over the entirety of the Canon display graphics, and production print portfolios.

This will include the Arizona series, new flagship UV gel ink Colorado, and Varioprint production presses.

The first installs of the 64” Colorado are now in print shops, with two located in Sydney with another to come, two set for installation in Melbourne, and another set for Perth.

All sales, marketing, and support will now be run through the Oceania offices, which the company says will place customers closer to both its R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

Craig Nethercott has been hired from abroad to lead the newly-formed division. With 17 years of experience in print, Nethercott has held senior positions across Canon, including Océ in the UK, and was director of Canon UK’s Commercial Print Group over four years.

As for the rest of the staff, Garry Muratore, product manager, Graphic Arts, Océ Australia says, “For customers, it is a small change, as they will be dealing with the same people.”

As for what to expect from the newly-formed Océ Australia in 2018, Muratore says, “In terms of display graphics, you will see some innovations in the Arizona range, and the completed rollout of the Colorado, our latex killer. We will stamp our mark on that part of the market now that Oce is here, and continue our dominance in display graphics and wide-format printing.

“In the high-end digital segment, we saw the VarioPrint i300 installed in Melbourne last year, it is a logical choice for a lot of data-driven applications.

“In technical data systems, we continue to dominate with the ColorWave 700, is a stand out technical printer which is increasingly being used by our customers also as a short run poster printer.

"Our new tag is Printing Future, and we want to be part of the industry's future."

Océ Australia’s head office is located in Clayton, Melbourne.

Source: Australian Printer

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