Lane leaves PIAA

Lane leaves PIAA
27-year veteran and OAM recipient Peter Lane will be replaced by Sarah Leo

Peter Lane has retired from his role as the South Australian board representative of Printing Industries Association of Australia, replaced by Sarah Leo of Openbook Howden Print & Design (OPH).

While it was made official from the start of the year, Printing Industries notes it has been preparing a succession plan alongside Lane for the past 12 months.

Walter Kuhn, president, Printing Industries, notes, “He has been invaluable over 27 years. He has had a major input in the way it has been run, especially in the changes over the past couple of years.

“A big thanks is deserved to his company, Lane Group, for being flexible with Peter Lane, allowing him to spend so much time and effort in the association.

“He has been a mentor to a lot of board people and CEOs with his insurmountable knowledge of the industry and association, is one of a kind, and we can not thank him enough.”

As for other changes among senior level board members, Kuhn says, “There are none planned for in the immediate future. There may be one or two in the next year or so with long term board members. We are working on a succession scenario.

“They are planned strategic moves to allow the association to grow and move with the industry.”

Andrew Macaulay, CEO, Printing Industries says, “Peter Lane has done an incredible job. For close to 30 years he has contributed enormously, and I am particularly grateful for the assistance he has provided me.

A lot of what we have done since I have taken over has been influenced by Peter, and the industry, association, and myself thank him for his contribution.

“The board itself has been looking at succession planning, and last year Kieren May led by example in that regard.

“Peter was seeking a SA replacement that represents a generational change, and Sarah Leo definitely does that. She is an extraordinary representative for the industry, she is successful, young, and dynamic, and we are lucky to have her.

“We consider her to representative of the dynamic and forward thinking change we’re going through.”

Source: Australian Printer

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