Trotec holding open house

Trotec holding open house
Appointments needed prior to February 12 event

Laser machine manufacturer Trotec is holding an open house next week at its Gregory Hills site in Sydney.

Taking place all day, the company says appointments are needed prior to arriving.

Trotec says, “We would like to invite you to our open house event, so you can see how a Trotec laser machine can benefit your business.

“We manufacture different types of laser machines, all of which can engrave, mark and cut a broad range of materials. These include leather, acrylic, rubber and wood. We also feature a range of laser machines that can mark metal directly.

“This diverse application range makes laser technology an increasingly attractive choice for many businesses. Ultimately, it’s the flexibility of Trotec laser machines that has aided in Trotec’s international growth and recognition over the last 20 years.

“There is no obligation and it is free, just book an appointment and we will take you through a personalised demonstration of our machines, tailored to your needs.”


Sydney Laser & Materials Open House

Date: 12 February

Time: All day - by appointment

Location: Trotec Sydney - 23B Rodeo Road Gregory Hills NSW 2557


Source: Australian Printer

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