Sony DADC closing print operation

Sony DADC closing print operation
Music streaming kills off need for CD packaging, closure follows US lead

Sony DADC, the local disc and packaging print arm of Japanese multinational Sony Corporation is closing its Huntingwood, NSW, site and auctioning off all of the print equipment.

The company printed CDs, Blu-Rays, DVDs and all the associated print work at the site. It has capabilities across offset, digital, and finishing, graphic design, scanning and proofing, die cutting, gluing, folding and bookbinding.

The Sony DADC Sydney closure followed the closure of the Sony site in Minnesota. US employees have quoted half of the company’s workforce as being laid off as a result, some 375 staff, citing lower retail demand for packaged media.

Music streaming is having a major impact on CD sales. Digital sales are now 70 per cent of music sold in this country, with streaming the fastest growing sector, it was up by 90 per cent last year. CD sales were down in 2016 from $110m to $87m. Vinyl though continues to rise, up from $10m to $15m last year.

Sony DADC had a print shop that had two B1 Heidelbergs, an eight colour perfector and a six-colour, both around ten years old, and which are both up for auction. It also had a Fuji Xerox iGen 150, bought two years ago.

Auctioning website Australian Valuations is handling the sale.

As well as the two Heidelbergs and the Fuji Xerox, there is a 2015 Polar 137N Plus Guillotine, 1993 Bobst SP102E Flat Bed Auto Platen, 2006 Heidelberg ST-350 Gatherer Stitcher, 2006 Rollem A2 Slip Stream Cutting Line, 2008 Kohmann Model Miniplace CD/DVD Tray Gluing Machine, and a 2010 Agfa Avalon PT-R8800 III CTP.

Source: Australian Printer

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