Nekkorb takes MPS for Aus, NZ

Nekkorb takes MPS for Aus, NZ
Company now exclusive agent for flexo, offset label and flexible packaging machinery manufacturer

MPS has consolidated its representation across Australia and New Zealand, with Nekkorb now the sole agent in the region, with Maxteq dropped as a distributor.

Tim Klappe, managing director, MPS Systems Asia, says, “Working with one agent in Australia and New Zealand is a strategic choice we had to make. The overlap between the two areas is rapidly increasing: having one MPS agent streamlines communication and provides more clarity for our customers.”

Founded in 2009 by Frank Brokken, who brings more than 35 years’ experience in the printing industry, Nekkorb supplies capital equipment and consumables to the New Zealand and Australia web printing industries, and represents a wide range of quality products to enhance a printer’s manufacturing process.

Frank Brokken, managing director, Nekkorb, says, “We are pleased to represent MPS in Australia as well as New Zealand. Our customers will now have a central contact point for all MPS related questions and support.”

Explaining the choice for Nekkorb, Klappe says: “We have always worked with great pleasure alongside Maxteq - but it was time to make a change in the best interest of our customers. Because of our longstanding relationship with Nekkorb and their installed base both in New Zealand and Australia, we trust they can deliver the best local service and support to label and packaging printers in this combined region.”

As of today, MPS Asia has officially begun operating out of its brand new office in Kuala Lumpur, Asia, which will be expanded to include a Technology & Expertise Centre in May, equipped with the company’s latest EF flexo press.

Source: Australian Printer

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