New wrapping association born

New wrapping association born
Vehicle Wrapping Association of Australia offers free membership, members must past wrapping audit instead

Wrap Works owner Mrtt Murray has started a new association, the Vehicle Wrapping Association of Australia (VWAA), with the goal of separating professional vehicle wrappers from amateurs.

The newly formed "Vehicle Wrapping Association of Australia" (VWAA) says it was formed out of the need to separate the industry professionals from the amateurs. It also notes it will also focus on educating consumers on the importance of only dealing with professional installers.

The VWAA says that in the vehicle wrapping industry a poor quality, vehicle damaging job can still come from what appears on the outside to be a professional looking operation.

“Yet the future consequences of poor quality workmanship, substituting films and amateur installers cutting vehicle paintwork are becoming way to common,” notes the association website.

Membership is free, although members must meet meet specific requirements and checks to ensure they have what is required to provide a trusted and professional customer experience, from start to finish.

With a low-key initial launch taking place in December, several companies are now members, including Signrite, Zooma Signs, Pure Image, Apex Signage, Dizzi Decalz, Grafico Auto, and Impact Signs, representing Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, Queensland, and WA.

Source: Australian Printer

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