SGIAA holding colour management boot-camps

SGIAA holding colour management boot-camps
Association leverages Fespa contacts to bring in US colour expert to Starleaton site

The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association of Australia (SGIAA) is holding that the first of its Colour Management boot-camps, from April 2-4, at the Starleaton facility in Melbourne.

Nigel Davies, president, SGIAA says, "We are seeing consistent industry trends that confirm that companies are recognising that they can differentiate themselves through colour management. SGIAA has access to tremendous technical resources through our international partners SGIA (USA) and Fespa. We seized the opportunity to raise the profile of colour and provide our members with access to the quality training needed to manage colour effectively.

SGIA (USA) has been running the boot-camps over four years in the USA, and Davies says they have successful.

Ray Weiss, director, Digital Print, SGIA (USA) will present the first course. Weiss explains, “Printers in the United States have found that using proper colour management techniques generates savings in ink, substrates and production times.” 

Starleaton has partnered with SGIAA for the first course to provide equipment and facilities.

Ben Eaton, CEO of Starleaton says "Starleaton has invested heavily in colour management through acquisition, recruitment of expert staff and our distribution of X-Rite, Eizo and other leading colour management brands. We have always supported industry initiatives and are committed to sharing our expertise to ensure the success of this training.”

The first course is open to both members and non-members of SGIAA.

Starleaton will hold an open house one evening during the training to give all the opportunity to learn more about colour management. Attendees will get to the chance to work hands on with the latest colour management tools from global leading brands such as X-Rite and Eizo.

David Crowther, AKA ‘The Colour Doctor’, has been contracted by SGIAA to deliver future training courses under the SGIAA banner.

Source: Australian Printer

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