Hawke remonstrated on print sustainability

Hawke remonstrated on print sustainability
NSW MP links climate change to printing, issues apology

State Liberal MP Alex Hawke has apologised for statements on the sustainability and environmental impacts of print, after a phone call with PIAA CEO Andrew Macaulay.

The statements were made in the context of defending new legislation, which will allow the Government to spend more money on television and radio advertising. Traditionally, that money was used for printed materials, with the money going to the local printer.

Hawke was quoted in The Guardian as saying, “Labor is a party that lectures us on climate change action, but are opposing changes that will reduce the amount of printing done by parliamentarians.

“By fighting overdue modernisation of the system, Labor have shown that they don’t understand rural and regional Australia and they don’t care about local economies.”

In a statement released today, Hawke notes, “In the course of arguing a political point against Labor’s false claims about the changes, I made reference to the fact that some Members in rural Australia would now make use of local radio broadcasts to communicate with their constituents.

“I also made a political point about Labor’s hypocrisy on climate change. This in no way will affect the printing industry and the excellent service that they provide to Members of Parliament.”

Andrew Macaulay, CEO, PIAA, says, “PIAA has remonstrated with Minister Hawke, and received a profuse apology for the impression that he made. Our industry faces harsh market conditions, and it is critical that misconceptions about print are not spread.

"In the heat of the moment he said something that was damaging to the industry. Print is made up of SMEs all over the countryside, in some small towns the businesses are the biggest private sector employer. We can not have ministers linking print to climate change.”

The PIAA has also released a statement, noting “We remind Minister Hawke, and all Ministers that paper is sustainable, renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. Print is a vital component of integrated marketing with digital, radio and TV channels.  

“The PIAA has no quarrels with the government saving costs where it can and thus saving reckless expenditure of taxpayers funds; however we caution against perpetuating non-factual myths and emotional rhetoric to score political points. 

“The PIAA supports print as a key component in a mosaic of communication channels. Government and Opposition are strongly encouraged to do better research before taking aim at the small business sector that makes up the biggest employer group in the manufacturing sector of Australia, and is collectively the single biggest paying client of Australia Post.”

Source: Australian Printer

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